Letter to the Editor

There is nothing offensive about playing on the perception that Davies students work like slaves. It is as offensive as just saying the word “slave”. Just saying a word doesn’t make it offen sive. The joke is so mild even my Grandma could laugh at it and she thinks women shouldn’t show their elbows on television.

If someone is actually offended by this then I would hate for them to watch “The Office” or “All in the Family”. They might fall out of their chair. Even the Beverly Hillbillies might be considered risque. After all, I came from a rural community and the show just gives fuel to the perception that we are stupid hillbillies who strap grandmas to our roof.

I work as hard as a beaver at school. Does this offend animal activists because beavers actually have to work hard to make their dams in real life and I am poking fun at their hard work?

When I get scared and say “you gave me a heart attack”, am I being offensive because people actually have heart attacks in real life and I am poking fun at a real problem?

Give me a break.

Andrew Emery